Family Mediation

Resolve your disputes and have peace of mind

When People are Not Sure…

If a once loving relationship is becoming difficult counselling might be helpful to identify where changes can be agreed.

When the Relationship is Over…

Perth Mediation Centre offers family mediation to assist separated couples to decide how to share responsibility for the care of their children and to make decisions about the division of any assets and liabilities.

Mediation about the care of children is provided under the requirements of Family Law. Our mediators assisting parents reach agreements about the care of children are accredited by the Attorney General’s Department to make assessments, conduct mediation and where required issue Section 60I certificates.

See what the Family Law Act says about certificates.

Agreeing About the Care of Children…

Perth Mediation Centre is committed to assisting separated parents make agreements about the care of their children. We understand the love parents feel for their children and the frustration that might come from not agreeing about what is best for them. But, parents are the people who know their children best. During the mediation process parents are encouraged to seek appropriate advice about any part of an agreement.

Useful advice can be accessed from a family lawyer or child development consultant but parents are the people who know about how their lives are organised and how arrangements will work for them and their children.

The process of mediation will involve talking about each child and how each parent understands their needs. Parents will explore options and then make agreements about how they will care for each child. See more about the mediation process.

When agreement is made a parenting plan can be prepared, if there are issues that need more work other sessions can be arranged.

The thing to remember is that children grow up, and everyone’s circumstances change so plans might also need to change.

Parents might reach agreement in mediation and then update the plan as things change by agreement between them. Or, another mediation session can be arranged to assist with any changes.

Agreements can be kept informal or plans can be signed by each parent to demonstrate their commitment to them. They can also be lodged at the Family Court of WA to be converted to parenting orders.

You can find out more about parenting orders from the Family Court of WA or from the Legal Aid Commission of WA.

Agreeing About how to Share Property and Debts…

Every relationship is different and everyone will have different needs when a relationship is over. Mediation can help people to work out what to do with property and debt that takes account of personal circumstances.

Mediation can generally be arranged much quicker than a court hearing. Mediated agreements can then be lodged at the Family Court to obtain final orders. Find out about final orders.

Perth Mediation Centre encourages participants in mediation to seek advice about their legal rights and responsibilities, and what might happen in court if agreement can’t be reached in mediation.

Agreements to share property and debt can only be made once. It is important to make a full disclosure and to think clearly about how arrangements will work.


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