Agreement Making in Business

Resolve your disputes and have peace of mind

Perth Mediation Centre provides a safe place and a structured process for discussion.

Perth Mediation Centre works with Boards, Management Committees and Project Teams….

Clear plans are a are the basis for successful projects at any level in a business or community organisation.  We have a practical approach that is based on experience working with community groups and business.  Good plans are clear about what will be done, who will do it and when.  There will also be clear ways of communicating success or challenges along the way.

Making Good Decisions and Creating Shared Plans…

Perth Mediation Centre is a place where we help people to find agreement. There doesn’t have to be conflict. In fact we believe that forming good plans based on clear agreement will help people to avoid the sort of conflict that is unproductive, unpleasant and very costly, especially when talk turns to court processes.

Clear agreements also increase cooperation and that is a major ingredient of success!

Business Plans…

Perth Mediation Centre can help teams work through the issues that will assist to identify shared goals and ways of achieving them. A clear plan that states measurable objectives outlining what will be done, who will do it, how often and by when, sets a clear platform for success.

At the end of your planning session you can leave with a record of your agreements or Perth Mediation Centre will write it up as a plan for you and your team.

Arrangements can also be made for plans to be reviewed, revised or replaced.

And, at the end of your session you can celebrate at our centre or take a short walk into Northbridge.

Partnership Agreements…

When people decide to build a business together there is always a lot of good will and plenty of excitement at the new opportunities and adventure ahead.  The plan is often worked out along the way and may never be written down.  When these agreements get challenged there is likely to be a very difficult conversation, Perth Mediation Centre is a place for this conversation to happen and it might also be an opportunity to review the agreement and write it down.

For business partners who want to start off with a clear agreement that can be referred to, refreshed and regularly evaluated Perth Mediation Centre can help.  Your agreement will be based on a structured conversation and detail all of the things that you think are important.

If these agreements need to take on a legal form then you can also decide on how to do that.


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