Workplace Mediation

Resolve your disputes and have peace of mind

There are so many ways that relationships get frayed at work, sometimes misunderstandings happen between managers and staff or, managers might disagree about shared decisions or, people working together disagree about how to approach shared work.  Sometimes it involves bad behavior and sometimes people don’t even know there’s a problem.

Conflict can be a regular part of what we expect at work.  Every workplace and every team is different but there is one thing that we can all be sure of, conflict will sap our energy while it destroys our productivity and kills our bottom line.

  • People might have a different understanding of what is expected.
  • There might be particular ways that people behave causing pain to others.
  • Disputes might happen around expectations, and
  • Managers and staff might need to sit down and work stuff out.

Perth Mediation Centre provides a place where this can happen and will be able to design a process to identify the different things that people are unhappy about, explore them, and work out ways of dealing with them.

This conflict resolution process can happen in our customised mediation and meeting centre or in the workplace.

Mediation can involve two people or the whole team.  It is really a matter of working out who needs to be involved and then designing a process where everyone can have their say, contribute to options and participate in negotiating the final solution.

Mediation can be a really positive team building experience.

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