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Negotiating Agreements

More on Getting to Yes The idea of interest based negotiation is a really important one, it underpins really good mediation for a whole range of reasons. It leads us away from what we want and helps us to explore what is important to us and others, this can give rise to more choices, more…

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Getting to Yes is a great place to start

Getting to Yes

If there was only one book about how to work out arrangements with other people this would have to be it.  Fisher and Ury step us through negotiation in a way that seeks out solutions rather than winners and losers. They start by telling us to find underlying interests and explore them rather than locking…

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A New Year and New Conversations


Happy New Year.  I hope that 2017 brings new opportunities and achievements, good health and and happiness. This is my first posting for 2017 and I hope that this, and the postings that follow contribute something positive to all of you who read them. So thank you for visiting Perth Mediation Centre where we are…

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Protecting Kids from Conflict after Separation

Photo of Jennifer Mcintosh

Mediation has a really positive contribution to make when parents need to talk about how children will be cared for after separation.  Parents know their kids better than anyone, what  they are involved in day to day, what support they need.  How can they experience the love of each parent while doing all the things…

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Perth Mediation Centre is a Real Place

Perth Mediation Centre

It’s taken a while! After a long time working in community services and government I decided to set up shop and work for myself. This took me down the road of assisting people in the not-for-profit and small business community to develop plans, write them up and, implement them. This all happened in 2008. While…

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