Happy New Year.  I hope that 2017 brings new opportunities and achievements, good health and and happiness. This is my first posting for 2017 and I hope that this, and the postings that follow contribute something positive to all of you who read them.

So thank you for visiting Perth Mediation Centre where we are committed to our goal of creating space for agreement.

It’s pretty safe to assume that 2017 will bring change.  Consumers are asking for different things and technology is offering new solutions, politics are changing too, so as we navigate our way through personal and professional relationships we might need to think about new ways of interacting and new forms of agreement to support changing expectations.

Listening to Radio National the other day I tripped over this very interesting conversation hosted by Scott Spark. He talks to Ginger Gorman about a new approach to her career, Paddy McCord about her experiences at Netflix and the new contracts between organisations and employees, and then Dr Henry Su about changing expectations held by younger members of the workforce.  https://radio.abc.net.au/programitem/pe83wEXYyL?play=true

While none of us will agree with all the points of view expressed, the program does highlight the changing nature of expectations held by both employers and employees in the modern workforce.  Ginger Gorman argues against tenure and effort in favour of productivity while Henry Su talks about the changing expectation of younger people entering the workforce.  He says that there is less value being placed on a job for life and more placed on shorter term rewards of various kinds.

Managing these relationships well requires good communication and clear agreements.  I’m hoping to provide more links to better resources to support the kind of communication that nurtures positive relationships and sound agreements.  Of course, if you would like some assistance in managing any of those conversations Perth Mediation Centre might be a good place to visit.

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